Let It Go

Shelby. 21.
"True, we’re not related by blood… but they’re still my family. Even if it’s just in name, I want to be their mother. They are my children!" - Bellmere.
"No matter what happens, don’t be sorry you were born. Even though nobody praises us, don’t forget to smile in any situation. As long as you’re alive there will be better things later. And there will be many."
— Bell-mére

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    When it’s just the two of us
    and your fingers start
    threading their way
    through my hair,
    and when you press your lips
    to my neck,
    for no other reason than
    you just wanted to feel
    the texture of
    my hair on your fingers
    and my pulse against your lips,
    that’s when I know
    how attracted you are to me.
    No whips, blindfolds,
    or restraints can convey
    that simple intimacy.


    Vance Creek Bridge by: [Griffin Lamb] | {Follow on instagram}

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